Guaranteed sustainable

Guaranteed sustainable

The LACON Institute has been offering certification for sustainability in viticulture since 2015. They examine ecological, economic and social factors.

The certificate goes back to an idea of the Austrian Viticulture Association. The aim is to make the entire production process transparent, from harvesting the grapes to ageing and bottling the wine and the logistics. Frugal use of water and energy, efficient use of machines, but also fair working conditions play an essential role. The company only receives the seal of approval if all the criteria are met.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword here, but an important premise for the future. For a long time, issues such as climate protection, resource conservation and fairness were not a matter of course, especially in viticulture.

The Schneebergers are all the more proud that they have recently been awarded the Certificate of Sustainability. Hansi Schneeberger: “As winemakers, we are responsible for our soil, our grapes, but above all our customers and employees. This certification allows us to guarantee that we are working as sustainably as possible. Our goal is not just to keep this status, but to expand it.”

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08 Aug 2020

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