Schneeberger Buschenschank

A great location

Under the sign
of the butterfly

The Schneeberger family has been growing wine in southern Styria since 1870. Their knowledge of soils, grapes, wind and weather has been passed on from generation to generation. Even today, the family attaches great importance to working together. Parents, children and children-in-law each have their roles and responsibilities within the business. Together, they ensure that the well-known high quality of the wines and the cuisine will stand the test of time.

„The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes its secrets.“

Salvador Dali

Wine culture
in its purest form

Southern Styria and especially the Sausal have excellent conditions for viticulture. The mineral slate and shell-limestone soils, the special climatic conditions and, above all, the knowledge that has been cultivated for centuries make it possible to press outstanding wines. We know the strengths of southern Styria and attach great importance to relaxed yet concentrated work in harmony with nature and a love of enjoyment..

at home

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