The Schneeberger family

Working together
for five

A genuine
family business

The Schneebergers have been growing wine in southern Styria since 1870. With their hard work, the family has achieved new benchmarks in viticulture over the past decades. Their business is one of the largest in the region, and the Buschenschank tavern is well known and loved. Collaboration is to be understood literally here: the company is run by Johann and Heide Schneeberger; their daughter Margret takes care of the “award-winning Buschenschank wine tavern”; another daughter, Martina, manages the office; their son Johann takes care of the wine and the vineyards; and their son-in-law Walter is responsible for sales. They have passed on their knowledge from generation to generation, and their grandchildren also learn from an early age what it means to be a winegrower.

Heide Schneeberger

Johann Schneeberger

Margret Reinprecht

Hansi Schneeberger

Martina Gaschler

Walter Reinprecht

Sarina Schneeberger



The family
introduces itself

Everyone in the family has a job. They work together in a spirit of respect and trust. Johann Senior breeds Mangalica, Durocs and white Swabian pigs on a meadow with its own brook. Margret, the good soul of the kitchen, takes care of preparing the luxury foods. Mother Heide is in charge of the wine tavern. She is especially fond of flowers and plants. Martina and Sarina are responsible for the office, administration and also purchasing and sales. Walter is the one to speak to for deliveries, sales and presentations. And Hansi Junior is the man for the vineyard and the cellar, distillates and presentations. He also created the Schneeberger Dry Gin, which is already known beyond the Styrian borders.